Custom belt dryer exceeds expectations

Since the resumption of operations in the Pollmeier sawmill in Malchow, Germany, many beech trunks have passed through production. A special piece of equipment was needed to dry the specially procured chips. STEROS Drying Technology, Germany, took on this task.

It is rare to buy something off the shelf for the sawmill in Malchow. Large-format beech cuttings are not necessarily part of the standard requirements for the machine manufacturers. STEROS is experienced with special manufacture and partnered with Pollmeier. The task was to develop a user-friendly, low-maintenance and practically self-sufficient belt dryer for very fine sawdust, which – being beech – consists of unusually short fibres and also has a highly variable input moisture level. All of this, including the supply and discharge routes, had to be integrated into the existing operating plant. “The topic came up when STEROS was overhauling the dryer in the Aschaffenburg plant”, recalls STEROS Managing Director Steffen Rosenbaum. “Malchow was due to be reopened and as a result needed a new dryer”. “We had had good experiences with STEROS in terms of service, dynamism and reliability”, says Branch Manager Ralf Perske, explaining the choice.

Long-term partnership in prospect

And the team needed to be dynamic too. After a bit of tinkering, together they came up with a solution for the unexpectedly heavy dust load. “The trust of our customers is very important to us”, stresses Laukemper. “We don’t give up until all requirements are met”. Something that is appreciated by Perske as well. “Together we have created a prototype, which performs beyond our order specification”. The plant dries up to 1.5 t/h. In light of the growth rate at Pollmeier, Perske is confident that “Compared to the 1.2 t/h that was ordered, we will soon max out the buffer”. The system can also be enlarged in a modular fashion later. The control system is so easy to use that at night even the security guard can operate it if needed. Normally, however, the dryer regulates itself based on the final moisture content. The energy management system switches between full load at low power prices – i.e. at night – and eco-configuration during the day. The operating programs can be configured freely and there is no shortage of remote or on-site support from STEROS. The next joint project is to integrate an input moisture measurement system, to respond more quickly to fluctuations.

Custom Drying Solutions – Worldwide

STEROS belt dryers are geared towards a wide range of raw materials worldwide, including iron- and sewage sludge.


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