At STEROS, we understand that your business is constantly evolving and has unique drying needs, and it is only by partnering with your team that we can find the precise high efficiency, low maintenance solutions that are right for you.

Whether you need to dry wood chips, or sewage sludge; or wish to produce fertilizer, or solid shredded waste, our innovative team of engineers, manufacturers, and assembling technicians will work to design and develop an entirely custom-built dryer based on your location and product requirements; ensure that it is produced and assembled to exacting specifications; and continue to provide 24/7 service support to your team for the life of the dryer.

Let us partner with you in drying, and we will partner with you to grow your business into the future.

Germany is trusted around the world for its efficiency, work ethic, and quality products, but my favourite part of the business is getting to know our clients – the businesses we partner with are so diverse, and finding innovative ways to meet their requirements is what drives us to do better every day.Steffen rosenbaum, CEO, STEROS Trocknungstechnik