Your Best Choice:
The STEROS Belt Dryer

At STEROS, when we promise you a customized drying solution, we mean it – your belt dryer will be completely unique in order to meet your business needs.

But all STEROS belt dryers share features to ensure high efficiency and low maintenance, so you can be confident you have made the best choice to grow your business into the future.

The modular design of the STEROS belt dryer allows greater flexibility for your business – it can be extended or reduced quickly to meet your needs, and its intelligent belt guide reduces dust development. Plus, quality insulation means your team (and neighbours!) will never complain of noise again. The STEROS belt dryer is entirely multi-purpose, so you can be confident you have made the best choice to grow your business into the future.

The STEROS belt dryer is entirely multi-purpose, so you can be confident you have made the best choice to grow your business into the future.


Intelligent Software


Our engineers have designed groundbreaking smart Software that automatically regulates the drying process, minimizing labour costs and driving your business revenue.

Temperature Control


Multi-climate Temperature controls allow for adjustable precision.

High Performance


Exterior insulation prevents heat loss and corrosion due to condensation, which increases performance throughout the year, in all climates.



Your product and location Requirements will determine the width, height, and length of your dryer to ensure optimum band surface space – and these can be adjusted at any time as your business changes and grows.

Many Applications


One Dryer – many applications: your dryer can be multi-purpose, and frequently changing products is fast and simple.

24/7 Support


Our technical team provides 24-hour Support, 7 days a week, worldwide for the life of your dryer – never fall behind with production again.

Customization Case Studies

At STEROS, we are determined to understand your business as well as you do to meet your drying needs.

When we partner with you, we take all parts of your business into account – your physical location and site requirements, your weather conditions, and also your staffing capabilities, so your dryer can fit your business with exact precision. Have a look at how we have customized dryers for other partners below, and then contact us for a quote today.

Customizing for space

A farmer and biogas plant owner from the North-West of North-Rhine-Westphalia had an existing canopy for his old dryer that ‘never worked’. We customized a STEROS belt dryer to meet the measurements of the canopy and connect to all existing cables and electrical lines, and tailored the conveyancing technology to guide the final product to a nearby packing depot.

Type: STBT 650/7
Size: 500kW from hot water cycle + 150kW from flue gas (450°) + preheated air from gaseous mixture radiator
Product: Unseparated digestate with a DS content of 12%

Customizing for flexibility

This large dryer was needed in an exceptionally short time (18 weeks) by a composting entrepreneur in the North West of Baden-Wuerttemberg to meet the demands for the upcoming harvest season. The STEROS belt dryer required unique programming due to frequent product changes, and the product entry unit was a customized design to enable maximum dialogue with the moisture sensors for product stability.

Type: STBT 4000/11
Size: 4MW + waste heat recovery
Product: wine marc/grape seeds.

Customizing for product

The product entry of this STEROS belt dryer needed sophisticated customization due to the various product consistencies, and a downstream swing conveyer belt for even material distribution. Working with the biomass plant owner in the county of Lower Saxony we also designed a customized belt cleansing device of wet and dry cleaning brushes as the products tended to clog the polyester fabric belt.

Type: STBT 2.000/10/DB
Size: 2 MW double layer
Product: filter cake (phosphate sludge) / waste from the food industry

Customizing for replacement

Europe’s largest trimmed timber fabricator based in the South of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania needed to replace an existing dryer with an energy efficient STEROS belt dryer for the drying of beech shavings for the Danish smoked salmon industry. The design and layout had to match the exact specifications of the previous model, and the dryer was built on stilts to utilize the existing conveyancing technology.

Type: STBT 1.600/8
Size: 1.000kW 110° hot water from furnace
Product: Sawdust and shavings from beech tree